ARTESOFIA, "Mineral fact jewel".

IM Sofia, I am from Valencia and I am a craftswoman. I am in contact with the mineral world for 25 years and I can guarantee that the minerals that I use in my hand-made jewelry They are of good quality and natural, no dyes or manual alterations. If any mineral that I use has been treated by chemical methods, as can be the Aqua Aura mineral (crystal quartz treated with golden particles, cobalt, platinum or titanium for different colors depending on the metal used) always it is specified in the product description.

I want to present my creative project and some of the works handmade by me, unique and unrepeatable because working with minerals created by Mother Earth, never find two identical.

The name of my craft and creative soul is Sofia, name that my mother chose for me and family circumstances did not put me but now I take it with great pride.

My jewelry craft is characterized by harmonizing the metal with the mineral forms (mainly used sterling silver), It's like dress-up the mineral in order to create "art jewelry"Besides beautifying, transmit their energetic qualities, Believe it or not.

In the case of minerals, the energy of the place and the love and affection put while working with them, is transmitted to the created piece and I can guarantee that I put love and passion in all my creations.

Also I do craft of different cultures with wood and all types of resins and creations where the mineral take part of it, because I love minerals and they love me.

a little bit of my story.– I started working with minerals in the year 1994, helping my father in his minerals wholesale shop in Valencia. In the year 2006, after my father's retirement, I settled on my own and opened my mineral shop, called "Krystallos Minerals".

In addition to attending national and international fairs to buy my products, I also traveled personally to Brazil to select minerals. I could personally check the power it feels like being close to those "living beings" of Nature and that is why I incorporate them into all my creations.

I have always felt my creative soul, It relaxed me a lot making small craft having facility to make it, over the years I have been learning different techniques, all manual and creative.

After 11 eleven years attending my shop "Krystallos Minerals", selling minerals and gift items in Valencia, I made the decision to transfer the store to other people for them to continue with the business 1 from September 1st 2017 and I specialized mainly in the creation of jewelry and crafts with mineral as the mineral world is part of my.

I sell my products online and in events and fairs that I attend and I'll report on this web and social networks. To contact me you can write by email,. I'll be happy to answer you.