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"The Mineral Made Jewel"

I want to introduce my new Creative Project and some of the works made handcraft por mí, unique and unrepeatable because working with minerals created by Mother Earth, never find two identical.
The name of my craft and creative soul is Sofia, name that my mother chose for me and family circumstances did not put me but now I take it with great pride.
My jewelry craft is characterized by harmonizing the metal forms (mainly used sterling silver), It's like dress-up the mineral in order to create "art jewelry"Besides beautifying, transmit their energetic qualities, Believe it or not.
In the case of minerals, the energy of the place and the love and affection put while working with them, is transmitted to the created piece and I can guarantee that I put love and passion in all my creations.
I also do crafts of different cultures with wood and all types of resins and creations where mineral is part of it., because I love the minerals and they love me.

Among my products there are many silver pendants, Silver rings, silver bracelets Y silver earrings, all of them always combined with minerals to create a beautiful harmony.

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My handmade jewelry with minerals It is characterized by creating pieces that are harmonized the mineral and metal. The minerals They are part of nature and are loaded with energy a nice addition to embellecerte will transmit a balance energetic Y harmony. No need to believe in it, you just feel.

In ancient cultures they have been found pieces hand-made jewelry in which minerals are used in combination with noble metals such as air and the silver for ornamentation and for creating jewelry with minerals because they believed that minerals they were "living stones " because by holding a mineral in hand could feel the energy vibration transmitting the mineral and they felt like this energy in tune with his own.

Among my products there are many silver pendants, Silver rings, silver bracelets Y silver earrings, all of them always combined with minerals to create a nice harmony.

By creating my hand-made jewelry with silver I try to create textures in the metal to harmonize with the relief of minerals, crosslinked, hammered, lined…etc.

Another technique I use to combine with minerals and express my creativity is the use of resin, technique that makes a more casual handmade jewelry.

You can also find among my handmade products, power tools like power poles, pendulums and chalices.

Other crafts that I make are boxes wood with Celtic designs using resins and minerals to save, for example, your minerals. Usually I make custom and personalized.

In addition to selling my online jewelry, I also participate in events sales crafts I'm announcing my social networks.

I would love to receive your comments and I'm open to new ideas in handmade jewelry with minerals, If there is any product in "album" is already sold, I can always do something similar but I can not put an identical mineral because they are natural, created by nature and are unique.